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Sahar's Sugar Waxing

Sahar's Sugar Wax: 

Wax ingredients are all natural and gentle even on the most sensitive areas.  No bee wax added.

Easy and fast to operate only one minute in microwave to heat and you are ready for waxing.

No muslin sheets, spatulas, or lotion needed before or after waxing cutting expenses time and space.

Notice a tremendous change in the hair re-growth and texture.  Hair becomes finer and thinner than before.

The wax is a natural exfoliator, leaving skin smooth and soft.

Post-wax cleaning is a minimal since it is water slouble.  All you need is a wet cloth to remove the excess.

Container is 100% recyclable. 


Sugar Waxing has been Sahar’s specialty for over 25 years. Sahar’s Sugar Waxing™ is fast and excellent for clean silky smooth skin for weeks! After a series of waxing, you will notice most of the hair won‘t grow back, and the remainder of hair that does are thinner, weaker, and less noticeable. The advantage of this method over traditional waxing is the clean up. The sugar substance is water-soluble and can be removed easier than wax by rinsing with water.  

  • Arms $30.00                                          
  • Bikini $30.00                                           
  • Brazilian Wax (1st Time) $60.00           
  • Brazilian Wax (2nd Time) $50.00
  • Brow Reshaping $25.00
  • Brows $15.00  
  • Chin $10.00
  • Full Face $40.00
  • Full Leg $50.00
  • Half Leg $25.00                                     
  • Side of Face $25.00
  • Stomach $10.00
  • Under arms $20.00
  • Upper Lip $10.00                                   



Bridal Special:

Full Body Wax & Eyebrows $120.00


Full Back $65-$85

Chest $65-$85

Shoulders & Neck $30.00